Monday, 17 September 2012

Nose Black 4.5" peep-toe heels

I wore this gorgoeus heels in the office only.
Its too high for me (and yet sexy) so I am letting it go.
It has red coloured-Louboutin-style sole.
Black suede material.
And 4.5" snake-patterned heels with 1" platform.
Size: 36 or 5
Price: RM60.00 (incl. postage)

 Gold strappy heels

Height: 3.5 inches
Never been worn as the strap is not long enough to tie my big feet.
However, there's small stiches at the strap.
 Size: 36 or 5
 Price: RM50.00 (incl. postage)

 Nike Junior Shoes

Bought on emergency basis as my old pairs of runner spoil a day before the run. 
Size: UK3.5 (kids), EUR36 (Kids)
Adult size Vincci 4.5 - 5 can also wear
Price: RM70.00 (incl. postage)


Denim Wedges

Letting it go coz I have so many wedges....
Size: 36 or 5
Brand: Shoes Obsessions
Price: RM10.00 (incl. postage)


 I am size M at 155cm tall.
Material: Saree
The top does not have lining.
The sarong has full lining.
Very glamorous.
Suitable for night wear.
Worn twice only.
Measurements: sarong: 38.5 inches, baju: 38.5 inches, shoulder: 16 inches
Selling at RM65.00 (incl. postage)

I am size M with 155cm tall.
This is just a top only as I love to mix n match.
 Measurements: top: 38.5 inches, shoulder: 16 inches
 Selling at RM15.00 (incl. postage)

 I am size M at 155cm tall. 
Baju kurung top with simple beads detailing at neckline.
Half lining for the top.
Material: Satin top and Silk sarong
 Measurements: sarong: 38.5 inches, top: 38.5 inches, shoulder: 16 inches
 Selling at RM20.00 (incl. postage)